Who is this guy?

Clark Sides has had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was the age of nine.  He partnered with his older sister January, and formed "C&J Kids Entertainment", in their hometown of Asheboro, North Carolina.  They performed countless magic shows and were clowns as well.  Although Clark no longer performs as a clown anymore, much of what he learned from Ringling Brothers graduate, "Just Joey" is still utilized in his shows today. Clark learned how to juggle, perform magic tricks and display true showmanship. Clark has attended and instructed at several different balloon and magic conventions. He has studied under and worked with the most highly regarded balloon savants and children entertainers in the industry. Apart from balloon art and decor, Clark also launched his original reading empowerment assembly for children.  On any given day you are likely to see Clark wearing his favorite color, purple. If you ever see Clark make sure you say hello and feel free to strike up a conversation about all things Disney, Lego's or his favorite movies, Mary Poppins and Jaws.

What are they saying about him?

Burt Ward & Adam West
"That's really cute" - Burt Ward
"Neat" - Adam West
Drew Carey
"This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen"
Wierd Al
"That is amazing"!
Tape Face
{Insert enthusiastic miming}
Dr. Jesse Duplantis
"This is made with anointed hands"
Bob Gurr
"People's creativity is amazing. You remind me of Wally Boag" (a performer in the early days of Disneyland who was a pioneer in balloon sculpting).
Chris Sarandon
"You made this? That's really cool".
Pat McCrory
"You do fantastic work"
John Kassir
"I'm all blown up, that's really awesome"
Charles Fleischer
"Oh, I'm going to enjoy him"
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Morning News Newspaper
Courier Tribune
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