Meet the Balloon Artist and Children's Entertainer

Clark Sides has had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was age nine.  He partnered with his older sister January, and formed "C & J Kids Entertainment" in their hometown of Asheboro, North Carolina.  They performed countless magic shows and were clowns as well.  When Clark was in high school he was mentored by a Ringling Brothers clown called Just Joey.  Clark learned how to juggle, perform magic tricks and display true showmanship.  Clark then formed his own clown character named Presto.  After Clark's college years he formed a new business called "Twisted Entertainers".  It wasn't until attending the Twist and Shout Balloon Convention in 2011 that Clark discovered how to do detailed balloon art.  Since then he has attended several Twist and Shout conventions and the World Balloon Convention.  He has studied under the most highly regarded balloon savants in the industry.  Through his balloons, Clark has been able to meet notable personalities pictured below and launched Capital Balloon Studios, based in Raleigh, NC.  In August 2013, Clark attended his first Kidabra convention to get further training in entertaining children and now attends annually. He has launched his original reading empowerment assembly for children, ideal for library and school performances that incorporates all of his talents. The show utilizes his skills in magic, comedy, puppetry and balloon art in a fun-filled and interactive experience with the purpose to renew children's interest in reading. Every year the show changes themes, uses different magic tricks and the children's books referenced throughout the show are revised. It is ideal for library and school assembly programs for elementary aged children.

What Everyone is Saying

"That is amazing"!
-Wierd Al

"This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen"

-Drew Carey

"You do fantastic work"
-Former NC Governor Pat McCrory

"You made this? That's really cool".

-Chris Sarandon, Voice of Jack Skellington

"I'm all blown up, that's really awesome"

-John Kassir, Voice of the Crypt Keeper

"This is made with anointed hands"

-Dr. Jesse Duplantis, Televangelist

Headline - 'A real joyful event'

-On the front page of a Florence, SC newspaper!

"It was great to have you"

-Cosmopolitan Magazine

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy him"

-Charles Fleischer, voice of Roger Rabbit

"That's really cute" - Burt Ward

"Neat" - Adam West

The original Batman and Robin





"People's creativity is amazing. You remind me of Wally Boag" (a performer in the early days of Disneyland who was a pioneer in balloon sculpting).

-Bob Gurr, Disney Legend

{Insert enthusiastic miming}

-TapeFace, Comic Genius from America's Got Talent

Who will

we meet


2016 Newspaper Article promoting the library shows coming to the Asheboro and Randleman, NC area.

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